J.P. Locherer brings twenty-six years of professional film and video experience to every production. As a Director of Photography he specializes in feature film and television second units, documentaries, made-for-television movies, commercials and music videos.

He has photographed for Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, NBC, Paramount TV, Lifetime, and Disney TV.

As a D.O.P. and Camera Operator, J.P. Locherer has a wealth of experience with specialty camera rigs, lens systems and SFX techniques such as Tyler helicopter mounts, cranes and jibs, probe and swing-shift lens systems, blue/green screen and all HD systems.

His freelance work has taken him to the Middle East, Rwanda, Somalia, Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, The Caribbean as well as Japan.

J.P. Locherer brings energy, insight, creativity and professionalism to every production.

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